My highlights from droidcon London 2017

And some sketchnotes!

Droidcon London was 2 days long, had 5 tracks and around 70 speakers. Unfortunately I still don't know how to split myself and attend all talks! Here I bring you my choices and highlights.

Android: A Retrospective

Chet Haase & Romain Guy went through the history of Android telling little stories along the road. It was cool to see how everything started and the how it changed throughout the time. Video.

Data Persistence in Android — There's Room For Improvement

Florina Muntenescu talked about Room, a library announced in Google I/O 2017 that makes easier working with SQL Databases. This library helps to write less boilerplate code, providing also compile time check queries. Video.

Android Internals for Developers

Effie Barak showed us the basic architecture of Android, giving an overview of the Linux kernel, the Android kernel and processes behind your App. Do you wonder where the "Zygote" process in your logcat comes from? She explains it here. Slides & video.

Vector Workflows

Nick Butcher demonstrated the advantages of using Vector Drawables, going through its characteristics, its usage and how to convert SVG files to VD. You can even animate them! Slides & video.

Bad Android Advice

12 speakers, known in the community, presented together this comedy talk under the name of Bad Android Advice, a comedy twitter account. Each one gave a bad advice and then explained why it's bad and what you should do instead. If we learned something is that, Chet loves doughnuts! Video.

Master Your Career

José Nieto told us about his career path and how he became content creator for Android at Udacity. Video.

Tips For Library Development From a Startup Developer

Lisa Wray spoke about why you should be interested in creating a library. It starts with a necessity. Your self-interest is also community interest. Learn some tips to create your library! Slides & video.

Developers Are Users Too

Usability, Intuitive, Efficient, Correct and Appropriate Functionality is what you expect from an App, but also from an API! Florina Muntenescu analized how APIs should be design having the developer in mind. Video.

Common Poor Coding Patterns and How To Avoid Them

Inheritance, multiple instances, poor data consistency and unit tests are the coding pattern problems that Alice Yuan examines. Video.

Becoming a Master Window Fitter

Did you ever have problems fitting your windows in different Android versions? Chris Banes explained the differences in diverse Android versions and how to properly fit them. Slides & video.

Authentic Developer

Anastasia López described what's the Impostor Syndrome, why it happens and how to deal with it based in her experiences. Video.

Kotlin Coroutines and Android Sitting in a Tree

Kai Koenig explained what are Kotlin Coroutines, why and how to use them. Slides & video.

Travelling Across Asia — Our Journey From Java to Kotlin

Amal Kakaiya & Maria Neumayer talked about their experiences introducing Kotlin in Deliveroo’s App. They explained how they started the journey, what they learned and gave tips for you to start. Slides & video.

Sinking Your Teeth Into Bytecode

Jake Wharton dives into bytecode showing how your Java & Kotlin code translates into bytecode and how ProGuard optimizes it. Slides & video.