My Response To The McCarthyists
Caitlin Johnstone

Really enjoy your commentary and unwillingness to back down, Caitlin. I’m regularly attacked in the media with falsehoods, as well. (Laramie Evan is not my real name.)

The coverage invariably comes from the left. On those rare occasions when left-leaning reporters ask me for comments or data on an issue, I always provide it, including documentation to back up my (and my company’s) position.

Not always, but more often than not, the reporters just ignore this material and run their smear stories anyway. There is little to be done. I generally post everything on our company website, and then these reporters (and the others who are putting them up to writing these sensationalistic and false stories) slink back into the darkness.

My point: You publishing the truth does have an impact. You may not be able to reach all 4,400 who may have read the lies or even most of them. But, you’ll probably reach someone with a malevolent motive and cut them off at the pass before they take further action.

I’ve been at this for years and have received many threats. It’s never fun but, if it helps, no one has ever taken action on their threats. That may not be super-comforting, because there’s always a first, but we live our daily lives with all sorts of hidden dangers around us. I’d rather the media not add more, but such is life today with America’s so-called “media.” Best of luck to you, and please don’t let them dissuade you from publishing your thoughts.

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