If Kim Dotcom Produces The Goods, Mainstream America Will Be Forced To Wake Up
Caitlin Johnstone

Thanks for writing this. Personally, I don’t know enough about Kimdotcom to determine whether he’s legit or not. I do know enough about Julian Assange and his track record. He says his source was not the Russians. He’s far more credible than our government, and has a much, much better track record than our mainstream media. The latter have become nothing more than party operatives at this point.

I’ll add a few more: Anyone with a moderate technical background should read the Crowdstrike report on the DNC hack (which was paid for by the DNC, so the report itself likely reached predetermined conclusions). The report is utterly laughable. The premises on which it rests to lay the blame at the feet of the Russians are preposterous. A 3rd grader who knows anything about IP spoofing wouldn’t be fooled. This is the evidence our government uses to say they are “confident” that it was a Russian hack?

No, you say? The government’s evidence is top secret. We can’t see it. Remember those 17 agencies who released a portion of their findings (the non-classified portions)? Please, please, please go back and read it. It’s worse than the Crowdstrike report. It relies (in part) on the partisan and shoddy work done by Crowdstrike, and then on things like ‘intercepted communications between Russian official X and Russian official Y indicate that these officials wanted Trump to win.’ Therefore, Russia was behind the hack. Preposterous, yet our mainstream media takes this garbage and peddles it back to a gullible public.

Ahh, but there’s still that classified portion of the government report on the hack. That’s where all the “real” evidence is. Trust the government. Sure.

So, I’ll be waiting to see what Kimdotcom’s got, and thank you for publishing this. But, I have little hope that any revelations will change things. You can walk an average American through all of the above — show them that all of this Russia nonsense is just that — and they don’t care. There are two reasons for this: (a) they have been conditioned to believe that the mainstream media may shade things (don’t all journalists?) but they don’t out-and-out lie, and they aren’t “really” partisan; and (b) your average Americans are partisans themselves, so half won’t believe their “team” did anything wrong no matter how much proof is offered.

Sadly, I’m confident that Kimdotcom could release indisputable video footage of Seth Rich being murdered by John Podesta, and it wouldn’t have an impact. The mainstream media will claim Rich deserved it for being a Russian spy, and then will start to question whether he was really on Trump’s team all along. Democratic elites will attack dotcom for somehow illegally obtaining the footage (if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger). The average American will shrug. Pathetic, but true.

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