Floating between the comfort zone and where the magic happens

I started a crash course at Hyper Island in Digital Innovation to get out of my comfort zone and learn new skills in creativity. Sounds like a solid plan but it ended up not being that easy. I did not want to take on the role I am already familiar with, in my case presenting, facilitating or structuring. I did not have a clear view of what ‘the magic’ would be for me, the thing that makes it worth stepping out of your comfort zone. I also noticed that I am concerned by granting other people chances to grow and learn. This can get in the way of my own learning process. I believe I could be a bit more assertive or even egoistic in that case. The thing I didn’t realize beforehand is that without having concrete goals, you are just floating around outside your comfort zone, wich is just uncomfortable.

Stating concrete goals. I will work on that this weekend and I believe I will need to make new goals over and over again with every project or module.

The last two weeks in de Design Thinking module I did accomplisch one of my goals, namely (h)Andy tools you can use during brainstorming what usually goes with a lot of nervousness and a feeling of not getting anywhere. I learned to develop a love and hate relationship with post-its but respect their use. I managed to brainstorm broadly and big and then clustering them and suddenly coming up with a specific direction. I surprised myself when I ended up with an awesome idea or prototype in a short amount of time! We learned the use of customer journey mapping, a subject that drew my interest and would like to learn more about. The project for VBAT, a branding/advertising agency, was a challenging experience which let me expperience the specific steps in the creative process in practice. Together with interesting workshops about branding and user experience design, I got a clearer view of the work field in the creative industry and my interest got fueled!

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