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Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Alabama

I didn’t know it at the time, but on February 28, 2016 I ran my last half marathon. …

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I started working from home on March 18, 2020 and was skeptical about how I would handle it. I considered doing a diary to record how this all shakes out but because I live alone and really don’t do anything exciting I’m pretty happy I didn’t waste my time recapping every day.

Most people journal or write daily to increase positive thoughts and I think writing how little I did over 1,272 hours would be really depressing.

To keep it interesting, I’m challenging myself to come up with 25 observations that I wouldn’t have noticed before Covid-19.

  1. I’m thinking I’ve been pandemic prepping for a long time because I started cutting my hair once a year when I was in college. …

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay.

I was participating in a group workout when our instructor mentioned Atomic Habits, a book she really enjoyed and thought provided valuable advice. I liked some of the things she shared from it so when I was emptying my Audiobook credits, I added it to my cart.

I listened to it while driving to Put-in-Bay for a quick get away with my parents. The whole weekend I was offering unsolicited quotes from the book and I thought, for sure, James Clear had a formula I could follow to make some positive changes in my own life.

At my next workout I announced to my instructor I read (heard) the book and thanked her for bringing it to my attention. I told her how I looked up the author and asked if she realized he lived in Columbus, where we are located. She had no idea. …


Former jock, entrepreneur, closet writer, graphic designer, bacon-lover, believer in detached, bite-sized, yippity-yap

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