Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is a simple library that helps you create barcodes images. It’s designed for Laravel 5 and it can create PNG images or DATA-URL strings. Based on great php-generator by David Tufts


Through Composer, obviously:

composer require picoprime/barcodegen:@dev

or you can edit composer.json file and add “picoprime/barcodegen”: “@dev” to your “require” section.


Successfully tested in Laravel 5. Steps to make it work:

  • edit “require” section in composer.json as described above
  • edit config/app.php file and add PicoPrime\BarcodeGen\BarcodeGenServiceProvider::class, to providers
  • create controller or add new methods to existing controllers (example is in “docs” folder). You have to usePicoPrime\BarcodeGen\BarcodeGenerator in your controllers. It can be injected as well. Before you call generate()method you have to pass variables to init() like so:
$this->barcode ->init($text, $size, $orientation, $codeType, $scale) ->generate()
$this->barcode ->generate($text, $size, $orientation, $codeType, $scale)


  • “text” is the text that you want to transform into barcode,
  • “size” is barcode’s height in pixels. If you need to change width as well then use “scale” together with “size”!
  • “orientation” does what it says — changes barcode’s orientation. Available: horizontal and vertical,
  • “codeType” is the type of code that you want to generate. Available: code128, code128a, code39, code25, codabar.
  • “scale” — if you need wider or just bigger barcode enter a number: 1 — default, 2–2x bigger, 2.5, …

You can also pass these parameters as assoc or numeric array, like so:

$this->barcode ->generate(compact('text', 'size', 'orientation', 'codeType', 'scale'))
$this->barcode ->generate(['textToTransform', 50, 'horizontal', 'code128', 1])

Last step to generate image is to send whatever has been generated above to ->response(‘png’) or ->encode(‘data-url’). Response will create Laravel’s response and will display an image, whilst “encode” will create a string.

Please take a look at example controller in docs folder.


You can create routes as you like. Two examples that we usually use:

Route::get('barcode/img/{text}/{size?}/{scale?}/{codeType?}/{orientation?}', 'BarcodeController@barcodeAsPng'); Route::get('barcode/url/{text}/{size?}/{scale?}/{codeType?}/{orientation?}', 'BarcodeController@barcodeAsDataUrl');

Please take a look at example route in docs folder.

Frontend use

Finally to use it in frontend, just use your route in img “src” attribute:

This example should generate horizontal, 50px, code128 barcode for “someText”.

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