Building a Phonegap App With Laravel and Angular — Part 1

A lot of my work over the last few years has been involved Phonegap apps. Phonegap isn’t terribly hard to use, but the difference in context between that and a more conventional web app means that you have to move a lot of functionality to the client side, and unless you’ve used client-side Javascript frameworks before it can be a struggle.

In this series of tutorials I’ll show you how I might build a Phonegap app. The work involved will include:

  • Building a REST API using Laravel to expose the data
  • Building an admin interface to manage the data
  • Building a Phonegap app using Angular.js
  • Testing and deploying it

In the process we’ll cover issues like authentication, authorization, real-time notifications and working with REST APIs. Note that we won’t cover the app submission process — you can find plenty of resources on that. We will, however, be using Phonegap Build to build the app.

The brief

Let’s say our new client is an animal shelter. The brief for the app is as follows:

My New Animal Friend will be an app for finding a new pet. Once a user signs in, they’ll be able to choose what type of pet they’re looking for, then look through a list of pets available to adopt. They can reject them by swiping left or save them by swiping right. They can see more about the ones they swipe right on, and arrange to meet them, from within the app. Users can also message the staff to ask questions about a pet.

Nice idea, but there’s a lot of work involved! Our very first task is to build the REST API, since everything else relies on that. Before starting, make sure you have the following installed:

  • PHP (I’m using PHP 7, but 5.6 should be fine)
  • Composer
  • Git
  • A compatible relational database (I use PostgreSQL)
  • Redis
  • Your usual text editor
  • Node.js

As long as you have this, you should be ready to go. Using Homestead is the simplest way to get started if you don’t have all this stuff already.

Starting the API

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