Laravel 5 manual pagination with array example

Laravel 5 manual pagination with array example

If you neeed to create custom pagination of your array, you can learn from this post. basically we are doing pagination with model or DB facade like “User::paginate(10)” OR “DB::table(‘users’)->paginate(10)”. But now if you have new array and you want to make pagination on your array then you can also give using “LengthAwarePaginator” class see following example:

public function myData($userid) { $data = static::get(); $result = []; if(!empty($data)){ foreach ($data as $key => $value) { $result[$value->type.'-'.$value->postid][] = $value; } } $paginate = 10; $page = Input::get('page', 1); $offSet = ($page * $paginate) - $paginate; $itemsForCurrentPage = array_slice($result, $offSet, $paginate, true); $result = new \Illuminate\Pagination\LengthAwarePaginator($itemsForCurrentPage, count($result), $paginate, $page); $result = $result->toArray(); return $result; }

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