Laravel vs Yii2 Comparison and Which one do you choose?

There are many full-stack PHP frameworks that can be used for the purpose of developing massive projects without much performance lag and stability problems. Among the lot Laravel, and Yii has been widely utilized frameworks today. Most of the developers will feel at ease to work with Laravel and Yii when they create something anew for both these frameworks have a lot of followers in terms of full grown communities all over the world. In this extract, we can analyze the functioning of both these platforms in the programmer’s point of view.


Laravel is designed for the purpose of building high-end web applications with a powerful and elite scripting. The strong points of Laravel happen to be in routing, caching, and authentication. It comprises of superior tools that can be used for the creation of massive, stable and powerful web applications. The migration system, Inversion of control, and the embedded module testing in Laravel is more than outstanding.


Yii framework is used by programmers for building RESTful API, web portals, forums, and much more. Yii follows simple coding and fast performance. Yii has an elegant Query builder and diverse caching that are highly useful for programming purpose. In terms of scalability, speed and developing of customized extensions Yii as a framework proves to be very effective.

Laravel vs Yii2

Both Laravel and Yii are designed in MVC architecture having multiple numbers of extensions. These frameworks need PHP 5.4 or higher end versions for proper functioning. Both these frameworks functions with an ORM having DAO, Active Record Pattern, and Doctrine 2 via plugins. The ORM of Laravel is eloquent and Yii is active.


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