Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework for Web Development

Laravel is an open source PHP application framework which follows the architectural pattern of model view controller(MVC). Its modular packaging system, ease of use and elegance has switched the developers to Laravel.

Models and libraries can be used easily with laravel object oriented libraries supported by auto complete feature. Its stability, incredibly easy to learn, extensions, good support, and good community around it has attracted many larger organizations towards Laravel web application development.

Lets have a look at the numerous features offered by Laravel:


Implementing authentication becomes simple with Laravel. Out of the box, everything is configured for you. The configuration file for authentication is located at config/auth.php that contains many well documented options for tweaking the performance of the authentication services.


A phpunit.xml file has been set up already for your application in Laravel. Moreover, the framework allows you to test your application expressively by providing convenient helper methods.

Routing system

Laravel has an easy to use approach for routing, which can be triggered on the applications with better control and flexibility.

A directory, is created to match the URI.

Database: Migrations

Easily share and modify the application’s database schema with migrations. They are the version control for your database which are paired typically with Laravel’s schema builder to build your application’s database schema easily. Laravel database and schema builder keep everyone in sync.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel includes Eloquent ORM that provides simple, beautiful ActiveRecord implementation to work with your database. Each table of database has a corresponding “Model” that is used to interact with that table. Insert new records into the table, as well as query for data in your tables with the help of these models.


Originally published at www.laravelfeed.com.

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