This One is for Me

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer.

I’ve never been good with words. In person, or on paper. My thoughts are incoherent, always polar opposites, always fighting what’s right or wrong. My words, consequently, are always right at the tip of my tongue, looking over the edge, legs shaking, heart racing, but never making that jump.

But something has changed.

After reading countless self-help articles, books, journaling, BULLET journaling, yoga, meditation, prayers, and crying (many, many nights of crying and self-deprecating thoughts), I’ve finally decided that enough is enough. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So here I am, in bed, on this app, writing this post.

Here’s to making that jump. Here’s to sharing my story. Here’s to being a creative, an artist, an entrepreneur, a story-teller. Here’s to being 1% better everyday. Here’s to creating something everyday, even if it’s shit. Here’s to releasing all the pent up creative energy that my fears and ego locked up many years ago.

Here’s to my step one.

I hope, that to at least one person, my future stories make you feel something, and inspire you to take that first step too.

Thanks for stopping by.