WOOFit Jam Bluetooth Stereo Speaker by SACKit

WOOFit Jam Bluetooth Stereo Speaker by SACKit is one of the best sound generating device available in the market. This Woofit portable speaker has a built-in Bluetooth which empowers users to enjoy their music to the fullest, without using any wires.

The best quality speaker ensures that the user gets great sound which is clear and up to mark. WOOFit users will be enchanted by this amazing experience.

Woofit Portable Speakers provide great sound on the go! Use it wirelessly everywhere — or pair two for a double right-and-left-stereo experience. The WOOfit JAM is a stereo speaker, but one can connect more devices and they will transform into a stereo system with one right and one left speaker.

One can play music from his smartphone or computer with Bluetooth or through the usage of latest technology; NFC for 18 hours on a single charge. One can also connect it to his Hi-Fi system as a silent receiver for streaming music.

Bluetooth music receiver

One can connect WOOFit Bluetooth Speakers to his exquisite and lavish ‘Hi-Fi system’, as a Bluetooth receiver. Moreover, one can have access to all music available online and play it on his Woofit JAM.

Great sound

It gives unbelievable high bass sound. One can truly understand how good this compact speaker is by listening to it. No more need to spend on large, bulky and low volume Bluetooth speakers. One will be amazed to hear the sound coming from such a small speaker.


Woofit Bluetooth Speakers does give out a great sound, but one can use it to record voice. People can actually also use it as a microphone. One can connect WOOFit JAM to his phone via Bluetooth and he can easily have hands free conversations in his car.


With NFC, connecting becomes easy. Just touch the speaker with your NFC-enabled mobile device and user is ready to play music.


Woofit JAM is cleverly designed and it fulfills the wishes of users. One, it has to be rechargeable and secondly, it should be long lasting as well. Naturally, Woofit JAM is rechargeable so one can take it anywhere like -the bed, the boat or even for a road trip. One can lay back and listen to 18 hours of melodious songs.

Stereo pairing

One can pair two WOOFit JAM to get even louder sound — in stereo mode. Everything is connected wirelessly so no more tangling of cables. Get ready for a great left-and-right stereo listening experience.

Voice echo cancellation

WOOFit JAM is great for hands-free calling! The software voice echo cancellation enhances the sound quality and allows you to make crystal clear hands-free calls.


No strings attached! WOOFit JAM plays wireless music from all sound sending units via Bluetooth.

Professional Review Ranking

Slinky Studio has given SACKit WOOFit Jam Speaker a four star ranking. Following is a text from their professional review that explains Woofit JAM in one simple line.

“We’ve not heard better from the dimensions of anything similar and we’ve reviewed a lot of portable speakers”

Where to Buy?

One can easily buy Woofit JAM at Thesouq.com for AED 360 and get Gift voucher worth AED 100.


§ Wireless via Bluetooth. Suitable for iPad, iPod, iPhone, PC, Mp3 players, all types of smartphones and all other Bluetooth units

§ Stereo speaker with 2x5 W

§ Signal range up to 20 meters

§ Operation Voltage: 3.7 V

§ Charging Voltage: 5V

§ Speaker Spec.: 50mm 2 Ohms 5W

§ Frequency Response: 60HZ ~ 20 KHZ

§ Built-in microphone and voice echo cancellation ensures a crystal clear sound for hands-free calling

§ 4400 mAh battery

§ Battery lasts for at least 18 hours on a single charge

§ Charges in 2 hours

§ Wireless pairing of two WOOFit JAM with one left and one right speaker via chip

§ Sensor activated LED Light in the buttons

§ Measurements: 19,6 x 6 x 7,2 cm

§ Weight: 688g

Box Contains

WOOFit JAM speaker box contains detailed user manual and a USB charging cable 3.5mm and it also has a stereo cable that can be easily plugged into phone / music system.


This is an immaculate piece of music listening device. It has a gargantuan 4400 mAh battery that provides hours of care free music listening. It is a device that can provide 18 hours (nearly whole day) of music play. One can easily listen to his favorite collection of songs and even stream songs directly from online music stores. People who are always on the move will appreciate the simplicity and portability of this device. It weight merely 668 grams and it can pulled directly into your travel bag without any problem. It is a must buy for all music loving enthusiasts and party lovers.

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