Zeynep and Claudia.

By Nem Tomlinson

I’ve been going through old things in the evenings; clothes, paperwork, letters and diaries. Trying to sort things out into piles of keep, recycle or give away. There’s nothing like a global pandemic and a lock down to spark some kind of Mary Kundo clear out. This…

Fred. Photo credit: L’Arche / Jarek Maciejowski.

Fred joined L’Arche Bognor more than forty years ago, having spent most of his early life in an institution for people with learning disabilities. At L’Arche, Fred found freedom, friendship and his forever home. …

Amy Merone

We were in a café together, eating falafel burgers, when Eleanor just came out and asked me: “Would you like to be a mum, Amy?” Her question disarmed me. I had a mouthful of burger and ketchup was dripping out of the bottom of the bun. By the…

L’Arche in the UK

L’Arche is an international movement of people with and without learning disabilities, working together for a world where all belong.

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