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Zeynep and Claudia.

By Nem Tomlinson

I’ve been going through old things in the evenings; clothes, paperwork, letters and diaries. Trying to sort things out into piles of keep, recycle or give away. There’s nothing like a global pandemic and a lock down to spark some kind of Mary Kundo clear out. This, as people who know me well will attest, is not like me. A sign of unusual times.

About 6 weeks ago I returned from a meeting. A significant portion of our time was spent considering and making plans for Covid-19. I came home from those 3 days away to find myself telling my Community that we would be closing our café and day activities; that we would need to engage in social distancing and ask our team of assistants to drastically reduce their lives to focus on the people they live with. …


L’Arche in the UK

L’Arche is an international movement of people with and without learning disabilities, working together for a world where all belong.

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