Three artists of my choosing: Mr. Rocky Gathercole, A Filipino fashion designer known for his works on famous celebrities abroad like Tyra Banks and Katy Perry. Ms. Tracy Santuyo is a visual artist, web and application developer and illustrator. She works with companies both locally and internationally. Mr. Patrick Astilla, An animator at Toonbro, the animation company of the De La Salle — College of Saint Benilde and is an illustration professor at said school.

What makes them similar and different?

What is similar between these three that I’ve chosen is that they all consider themselves as professional artists in their respective fields. All three of them have developed a passion for the arts at certain ages and continued to pursue them, making their love for the arts their career today. Their differences would be of course their chosen fields of art and their journeys in pursuing said art careers. They have all faced different obstacles in getting their like having to find themselves in the process of it all which they successfully did and were able to incorporate it into their work.

Their roles in society:

For me, their roles in society is continuing to be inspirations to those who aspire to pursue a career in the arts. They each have their stories to tell to motivate those who are insecure and are afraid to push forth their love for the arts. They are living proof that you can do what you love and have no one tell you otherwise.

Qualities you’d like to imitate:

They all have a certain kind of drive in them. They found something they loved to do so they just kept working at it. They pursued their career in their fields, faced all the obstacles and challenges that came with it, faced all the people who said they couldn’t do it and proved them otherwise. It takes a great deal of courage to continue to step out of your comfort zones. Inspirational in a way that by doing so is that they made something out of themselves and became totally content and immersed in their work. I want that, I want to be able to love what I do in the future and would never want to picture doing anything else with my life.

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