Indian pharma companies, after treating nephrological disorders

Nephrological disorders

Indian pharma companies and government are doing a lot in order to spread awareness and reduce the prevalence of nephrological disorders.

Chronic disorders have become one of the most critical reasons behind morbidity spreading worldwide. A few years back, chronic diseases were only prevailing in the developed countries but with changing lifestyle and being it more sedentary, now these diseases have also entered in the countries with low to medium income.

If we particularly talk about India, deaths due to such chronic lifestyle diseases are expected to reach from 3.78 million in 1990 to 7.63 million in 2020. This is due to lack of awareness about such disorders. However health programs are also organized but they are also focused on the prevention of ailments such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular issues. If nephrological disorders are emphasized, least prominence has been given to spread its awareness. And due to less number of nephrologists in comparison to total patients in India with nephrological chronic disorders; kidney diseases are developing to even the end-stage renal diseases.

Nephrological disorders’ prevalence

Actual prevalence of nephrological disorders can’t be assessed in India but the approximate prevalence is more than 800 pmp (per million population) plus 150 to 200 pmp being the end-stage renal diseases. The most common root of this is diabetic nephropathy. At present, there are approximately over 800 nephrologists in India which is very less if we closely look at total number of patients. In the entire nation, over 700 hemodialysis units and over 2,500 dialysis stations are there running successfully. More than 170 transplant centers are there and most of them are run privately, especially in South India.

The key point here is that nearly 20,000 patients in the country get renal replacement therapy. However there are some illustrious activities to spread awareness for nephrological disorders and which have successfully brought attention of the policymakers and media. On a positive note, the Indian Government has taken an initiative to begin some separate hemodialysis units in the country to boost the treatment rate at affordable prices. The National Organ Transplant Program has also been launched in order to facilitate renal transplantation on a national scale.

Key role of Indian pharma companies

A number of Indian pharma companies are supporting the outline of spreading awareness about nephrological diseases. La Renon is one of the earliest Indian pharma companies to get involved into the sector of nephrology. It was tough to initiate this domain in the country like India where majority of the population is suffering from one or another kind of nephrological disorders. But in very short period of time since the foundation of this Indian pharma company, they have been successfully delivering medication for following segments:

Renal medicine
Renal nutrition

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