A Revolution Era Algo Trading Evolution In India And The Role Of Maya Sharan Singh

History of Algo Trading in India -

Algorithmic trading was introduced in India in the year 2008 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Initially, it was started with Direct Market Access (DMA) which was not available for the general public and only available for institutional investors. But due to the cost advantage and better execution, the trading community adopted it.

Although Algo Trading in India was introduced in early 2008, a new leaf turned in the field in the year 2010. It was almost a new era in modern technological advancement in the trading world. Algorithmic trading or automated trading is the process to derive investment decisions using previous market data and refining it into investment information.

Algo Trading and its evolution in India -

Mr. Maya Sharan Singh, Director of a Fintech company Lares Fintech is one of the initial traders using Algo trading. The firm helped regular investor to adopt new investing techniques to have better investment gains with better risk management technology.

As per Mr. Maya Sharan Singh “Algo trading has seen a lot in past few years and have noticed multiple moderations. But a new change is always still at the dawn. In the past few decades, I have seen new adoptions in this field but there are still a lot of scopes to be uncovered and modify the Algo trading experience completely in the upcoming years.”

Lares using the Algo trading techniques helps individuals to take better investment decisions using the processed market data. This changes the competitive scenario of trading in the market. As now individuals were almost certain of the investment decisions which were earlier only hit and trial.

Lares played an important role in this adoption with their team of market experts and strategists and even developed their own in-house software for Algo trading.

Scope of Algorithmic Trading and new developments in the coming years -

Algo trading is a constantly changing trading activity, where the also trading software, which basically runs on h set commands by strategists and market makers. The parameter of creating a chain of commands like this is constantly evolving as per the changing market scenarios. The market trends are changing with more people adopting this investment pattern. Every new investor is ready to try something new to have optimum results, even if it involved increased risk in the investment. Hence, algo trading is an evolving training technique with a mix of software and market investment strategists.


Algo trading has been introduced in the year 2008, in India. A lot of moderation has taken place since then. The director of a Fintech Company Lares played an important role in this new adoption by their in-house software at that time. Algo trading is ever-changing and continuously adopting per the changing market scenarios and investment patterns.



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Lares Fintech - Algo Trading Company

The Algo trading is still a competitive and emerging industry in India, with various technological enhancement. Lares Fintech is a market leader in the domain.