Thursday December 31, 2015

364 days of continuous improvement. It would be natural to write a memoir on my 2015.

Jan 2015 to Feb 2015

January started with internship with Watershed Capital. A relatively new set of skillset involving financial data analysis skills and understanding of markets. Tough but was real fun.

Second month at Watershed, cant remember leaving the office before 5PM. Tedious but still was really cool learning on the job, plus National election fear juiced it up.

March 2015 to August 2015

Internship started at Financial Nigeria, just when I thought Watershed had loaded me with lots of challenges, I saw myself learning new things here again. Focused mainly of how markets work and how the African market works by trends and DATA


DATA science by John Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health course completed


Hosted 6 data science training sessions for FREE

ALL YALI courses certification in one day without watching the training videos or training notes

Mozilla App maker

Microsoft virtual academy 3 programs completed

Hosted Windows Upgrade

4 awards, 7 tech panel session

Windows and Linux Hack

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