A friend letter to some writers

David Thomas-Jensen
May 28 · 5 min read

I truly enjoy and admire what you write, and have as of yet to get tired of your shtick.

Assuming you even have one, my BS detector is getting rusty and old, but it usually works. At least all the lights turn on and off from time to time.

But I would like to appreciate some writers here that I have over the last year come to know and thoroughly enjoy.

Starting with my Favorite of them all Vanessa Torre. I am guessing to be about 6 years older than you, but I can relate with your brain better than anyone other than my wife. If I was unattached I am sure we would be friends, until you got sick of my flaws, of which I have many. Maybe you would tolerate me, and as a true friend, help me navigate my own issues to be a better human. In which case you would be just like my BFF who just happens to be my wife.

But you Vanessa, have yet to frustrate me or show me a character flaw so damning that I cannot identify with your POV. I would highlight your work, but it all stands so strong I just recommend to anyone to go look Vanessa Torre up and sample the first headline that strikes you, she will not disappoint.

Then there is traceybyfire. Where to start, well you have to come up from punk rock in a cool place like Minneapolis or NYC to understand that Tracy is an uberchick. She reminds me of a whole bevy of now 50 something superwomen punk rock girls I knew back in the day. Beautifully strong and smart and fearless and a little bit wacky, which just adds to their mystique.

I always had secret crushes on these women, but knowing them and loving their power and finding it all amazingly tantalizing I was one of the few guys smart enough to know they would destroy me. Like loving tigers, best to admire them at a distance, get to close and they will eat you alive.

Consider this a compliment and an unfortunate truth. I can hear in Tracy’s work the frustrations all strong beautiful and fearless women have with men. Arguably you want us to be your equals. Sadly, the best of us men can barely match up against normal women. Superwomen are simply not matchable by a man. If such a male match were to exist, like unicorns and bigfoot, elusively rare. So rare I have yet to meet one. 99% of you superwomen are going to live frustrated with our male weakness, or come to terms with your true power over us and accept that no man can be your equal. I stay away from your sex talk pieces because being a man and being a married man I just simply cannot deal. But in my fantasy world of being unattached and single, you are someone I would hope, though giving me the stink face sneer when I show up at the bar, would tolerate my presence in the group. If for no other reason than to bum one of my smokes. I would never refuse you, even if it was my last.

Michael Greiner, Politically we see the world in a very similar light, you write political op-ed better than me, I learn from you and we do not always agree but you have always had well-informed positions and an ability to update, a willingness to consider new information. I love that about you. You say a lot in a small package of reading or word count. High-calorie writing is a big turn on. I can imagine you listening more than speaking in the pub, drinking some darker craft draft, slowly enough to be a perpetually sober associate. I can understand, when and if you get drunk you would probably be light and messy and sad. We would love you anyway. I could see the single you getting all messed up with Tracy only to be destroyed, and yet your friendship would endure. (Something similar happened more than once between IRL friends in the past) Anyhoo. If you are into intelligent insightful Political Op-Ed Michael Greiner is the way to go. I offer a favorite of mine.

Marley K. When i come to discussing racial injustice, or for that matter injustice in general, she is the one who is teaching me now. She is so much farther past the black and white, just and unjust to a level of nuanced depth I can grow in my own understanding of my trained prejudices, and the toxic impact of my white privileges. She takes the conversation and insight to a level where we may well find some reconciliation and maybe someday, some social, racial, gender equity. High time for a lot of that. Someday I hope the two of us can work a piece of two perspectives, from a white male with a desire for a just world and a black woman who feels the injustice of a white man’s world. But first I will have to work harder on my writing.

Tre L. Loadholt Is my favorite lover. Not that we are lovers, that she articulates and must be able to feel a level of unconditional love, in order to write about it so bloody well. I stumbled across her in comments on medium bad poetry on love. What can I say, I read bad poetry like that guy looking for an honest man in Washington, I yearn for a good poem. When I read her essays I fell in Love with her ability to Love. Such a beautiful woman and writer.

Where the hell are the bloody Science Fiction writers? I feel alone like a shitty L. Ron Hubbard or Robert A. Heinlein. I want to give a shout out to the modern-day Asimov, or Niven, or Clarke. I mean we should never poo poo the genre, yeah there is a lot of crap. But Frankenstein, The Time Machine, 2001 A Space Odessy, I Robot, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, all Sci-Fi. Please advise.

David Thomas-Jensen

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Looking for smart in a world of stupid, grateful for children and love. Will write about almost anything, and occasionally from an informed POV.