How to Smoke a Gaslighter
Jessica Wildfire

Gaslight in is a passive way to buck your pecking order status. They intuit who is not entirely confident, out of place, unsure of self, and then they attempt to get you to drop a peck so that they can appear higher. Once you know yourself and your worth, you like you mentioned can respond by not allowing it to work. A metaphor for males at least is to remember that high status males in mammal species DO NOT respond to the challenges of non-threats. So when gaslighted, pause and ask is person a real threat? The simple act of query usually ends it. Secondly passively all who witness the engagement will rank your status higher by not reacting. Another way of looking at this is in the status perspective. The key difference between unsure low status young adults and mature higher status adults is the latter rarely explain or justify their actions. Only children and the unsure, unconfident do that. So when someone challenges you or implies you need to explain yourself. Remember how unsure they must be in order to challenge you. Don’t let them grind you down.