I Like Bill Maher, but He’s Wrong About Adult Comic Book Fans
D.A. Kirk

He is wrong to belittle people for enjoying graphic novels but he is not wrong in claiming that they are not high literature, which includes v for vendetta and the watchmen. Both are incredible stories, dumbed down for the imaginative mind of the readers by including images, that a higher artform would have described and allowed your brain to imagine and that IS WHY graphic novels are a lower lesser art. Like when my phone started saving contacts I stopped memorizing numbers. My lazy brain works and creates less when you draw the pretty pictures for me. And that is why his Ire is somewhat warranted. Now as far as superhero movies or action movies, which when I was a kid had plots, now they just have someone’s newest interpretation of the bigger gun.dick.boom. no story just more gun.dick.boom. wow, nuf sed.