Ilhan Omar has my vote.

David Thomas-Jensen
Mar 17 · 5 min read
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She speaks truth to power, gets smeared, gets up and does it again.

In case you live somewhere else than the NW edge of Minneapolis, you probably know House member Ilhan Omar as a national figure of controversy for her so-called ‘Anti-Semitic’ phrases. First off, she is not Anti-Semitic. I am not Anti-Semitic, but I am Anti-Apartheid and Israel is an Apartheid State.



And regardless of geopolitics, our federal subsidy check to Israel should BOUNCE TO THE MOON until this apartheid is no longer true. Our weapons shipments and supplies should be turned around. If they want weapons, get them from Russia, an Apartheid supporting, and ANTI-SEMITIC State. Regardless, they will probably sell to anyone.

The U.S. is not blindly the friend of ANY NATION period. Read our constitution and what our founding fathers had to say about Treaties.

Israel needs to continuously earn our support, and running a ‘Warsaw Ghetto’ in the Westbank should be a DEAL BREAKER.

So when Ilhan bears issue being pressured to blindly support this, she is SPEAKING my SENTIMENTS EXACTLY.

Had it been me, I would have called them NAZI-WANNABES because who sets up a Ghetto? Nazi Germany does. And clearly, Israel does. Have they a final solution?

Is having a ‘final solution’ the boundary between OK and NOT OK?

NO! Treating people like animals and second class citizens APARTHEID. JIM CROW. That is where the boundary lies.

The final solution is how you try to cover it up when you realize you are going to lose.

I have a problem with how our ‘border’ is policed and how we are currently treating migrants and refugees, which is what that caravan was full of. Desperate mothers and fathers, with and without children, going through a crisis ordeal in hopes of making their lives better for their children.


The way they are being ‘welcomed’ with my Tax Dollars spent, is so angering and insulting.


And it wouldn’t be a refugee mother with a child. No, it would be a Senator like Ted Cruze who has a very ‘punchable face’ due to the dead doll eyes, and absence of character which could be hurt by such an insult. It just says, “PUNCH ME IN THE FACE” almost like it is tattooed there.

I brought this up, because if she bore issue with how we treat immigrants and refugees entering our country, she would not have been branded unAmerican, because what we are currently doing separating children from their family for merely making the mistake of hoping America was a refuge is not UnAmerican, what IS is what is Happening on the border right now.

So back to Ilhan, our house member won a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, in a diverse but arguably mostly Catholic and Lutheran 500,000 Minnesotans. She garnered 78% of the vote, her Republican opponent, less than 22% easily a 56 point spread. If I was the RNC I would save my money and fight somewhere where I had a chance. Because in the Minnesota 5th district you have no chance.

THINK: A black, Hijab wearing, woman, non-christian, beat the cotton stuffing out of your white Christian conservative 80’s haircut, puppet. See for yourself. And while you're there look at the vote tally at the bottom, pal.

Here is the main reason this Ilhan has my vote.

Omar fled Somalia when she was eight years old and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for four years before coming to the U.S. No entitled native of our nation would hold our values as dear as a person who as a child, lived first hand this reality. And you and I brother, have


That can compare to ANY day in a refugee camp.

It arguably makes her more qualified to sit on the house member committee for Foreign Affairs than any white overprivileged jackass past or present seated there. It is INSULTING to hear them claim she has no place there because she questions why she must be loyal to an Apartheid State, not the one she was elected to serve. I would do exactly the same thing with twice the fire, and half the tact. And for the media to glom onto this and not backfire such disingenuous statements back on the loudmouths who make them is beyond me.

It’s fake news that those that claim this can sit comfortably and not answer that question, they want to lay a loyalty test on someone's feet, let its weight smash their toes first. That the spin on this story is a question of her American Status shows just how fake the news is. I don’t watch FOX FYI, so when I am outraged I am mostly angry at CBS.

Back again to Ilhan, she has my vote and support, the rest of you can stuff it for all I care, her re-election is all but assured in my measure. And she has that vote for exactly the same statements, that our spin doctors bear issue with.

This goes double for that Idiot Pelosi, she of all people should have Ilhan's back, but we shouldn’t care because Bernie, not Pelosi, should be Speaker of the House right now, and He doesn’t want it, but he is the Father of the movement ‘radical’ but Righteous and more adherent to any interpretation of the teachings of one Jesus Christ than any Evangelical political position I have ever read. The Evangelical Right are Blasphemers by definition and CHINO. CHristians In Name Only.

Shame on them and any fool who believes them. In this war of messages, I for one will not silently sit by while they mislead a nation, especially when they drag God in any measure into the affair.

Ilhan has my vote, now and into the future, I like this young strong woman, and I am proud that she not only represents me but all marginalized people in our nation and world. She is a perfect fit on the Foreign Relations Committee and I expect great things from her, most especially the ability to speak truth to our allies about what it takes to warrant a seat on the American Freedom Bus, because that is what we are on buddy, and if you aren’t with it, well you better watch your back.

Because John Wayne is likely to Punch you right in the face.

David Thomas-Jensen

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