Let’s Be Clear

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

What we need in order to survive right now is Solidarity.

  • Solidarity is stepping past, us and them, religion, race and culture and looking to the very common core truth and accepting everyone has a right to their piece, earned or not.
  • Accepting abilities and talents are different, recognizing properly those who can and do deliver, noting and openly pressing those who don’t to pitch in or get help. Leave no Child to suffer, which means we care for them, and that means we care for their parents and family. Let our collective love for children be our mark of Solidarity.
  • Ignoring the rhetoric, stepping out of the divide and conquer trap, and recognizing its insidious recurrence through all of human history, to the benefit of a tiny few ruling over the suffering many. Solidarity
  • We ended monopolies, now we need, once and for all to end, exorbitant wealth and unearned power and influence. No one nation can do it alone, it must be done on a global scale. ALL BOATS MUST RISE. Solidarity
  • Solidarity with your neighbor and every people on earth, but also with our world, it is time to make peace with nature and realize the real wealth is a rich world full of life and diversity. Man most craves novelty, our planet used to be more novel and can be again, with Solidarity.
  • Space awaits, unlimited potential if we can just pry the hands of a few from the levers of power long enough to steer our planet away from the abyss. We can and have in the past done this. But it took Solidarity, and today, it will take a Planetary Movement. We are all at risk, none of us can go it alone. Solidarity.
  • Which is why we need that Solidarity movement right now. No, it's not political, no it does not start or end with a scheduled vote or date. It starts with solidarity and grows until it embraces everyone, then as a unified force we move to save everyone and everything. United we can find a cure for this cancerous hoarding disease. Avarice, Greed. We can heal with Solidarity.
  • The Devil needs to be put back into the details. Out in front, those continuous squabbles over details kill our ability to unite. We need solidarity to solve in detail the needs of the every, which outweigh the needs of any. Solidarity is placed in the collective trust that every need will be met. We can do this.
  • Global commitment to local support of local governance. Who better to know what is right for you than you and your close immediate community? Small groups govern well. Globally well-governed groups cooperate well. The result of solidarity is sustainability and respect.
  • It is high time to set aside our petty squabbles and complaints about not caring for each other “because nobody cares for me”. There is no survival in solitary. There is only survival together. Which is why more than ever since man learned to tame fire, we need Solidarity.