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Nov 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Today there’s many crypto-projects on the market that are technologically advanced, have interesting economic models or ideological background, but very few of them were created to fulfill actual business needs of commercial enterprises of the real world. This leads to very weak adoption of crypto-currencies in real business-world. LRG Coin was developed with the real-world use-cases in mind and can be utilized right away without any complicated integration software.

What makes Largo Coin stand out is that its designers understood that not just any digital solution becomes a break-through. LRG Team analyzed conditions for various lines of financial activities and adjusted Largo Coin to make it sufficient for every type of client.

With the deeper and deeper integration of Internet services into our lives we become more dependant on financial security. With Proof-of-Stake blockchain architecture lying in its core, LRG ensures transaction security and fraud resistance mixed up with low price and high speed, which makes Largo Coin an appropriate tool for all layers of digital finance.

Peer-to-peer payments

One of the simplest cases in the real world for LRG Coin is payments between individuals. Since a large portion of today’s commerce is held between individuals almost without any intermediaries via websites like craigslist or E-Bay there is a need for a cheap and secure payment tool. LRG is such a tool and can be used worldwide by individuals wherever there is an internet connection. The simplicity of LRG interfaces, such as LRG Wallet makes it even more promising for this use-case.


Every year of the past decade demonstrated a continuous growth of online commerce platforms and stores; more and more businesses merge with Internet trading. Some of the main handicaps that possess risks for both buyers and sellers online are quite commonly issues of charge-back or double-spending — issues that blockchain solves due to its specific design. Now, users and e-commerce companies can mitigate such threats, which in its turn increases processing effectiveness, customer loyalty and reduces expenses for all the parties involved.

Business infrastructure

Another everyday use case for LRG Coin is the payment of salaries to the employees of any business. LRG Coin is very convenient for accounting departments of any company because of its simplicity and is beneficial for business overall because of the very low costs of transactions. Since salaries are a regular thing the processing costs linked to this activity are currently taking a heavy toll on the companies’ balance sheets worldwide. Because of these reasons LRG Coin is an ideal solution for such activities.

Acquiring and payment processing

Unlike traditional acquiring and processing systems or most common blockchain solutions, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, Largo Coin promises higher price efficiency due to its low transactional fees. LRG architecture combines a Proof-of-Stake protocol with a Masternode-based design which does not require high computing capacities to process and validate a transaction. Moreover, such system enables almost immediate settling of cash transfers.


All of the mentioned above indicates Largo Coin has a great potential for mass integration into all layers of online trade — and the earlier adopters will obtain a higher recognition on the market along with the benefits LRG delivers to its users who stake up to become validators. Besides, the further Largo immerses into businesses, the higher becomes demand for it, which in its turn sets a prospective for LRG price growth.

Largo Coin

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LRG coin is a decentralized financial instrument based on the needs of businesses and regular users. Bring useful money to the world.

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