Randy Lariar

Aug 14, 2013

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A Cautionary Tale

The crime of the decade was recently perpetrated in a small town about an hour from here. I’m sharing this tale here to try out this new writing service and also because my story is about a man who claimed he could talk to dead people.

The man happened to be only three feet tall. His office was a small store front in a shopping center decorated with black curtains and a neon sign that said “Medium.” He had a full book of appointments with some of the most superstitious people in town. I have always assumed places like this were good at separating gullible people from there money. Never has this been more true.

The seance would begin with the man leading his unwitting clients into a cramped room where candles provided the only light. He would chant in some strange language, tap a button on the floor with his foot, and a breeze would extinguish the candles. In the pitch-dark, he would command his audience to wait a few minutes to see what spirits came to greet them. While they waited, he would very carefully reach in to their open purses to steal some cash.

This went on for quite some time until he had the misfortune of being caught with his hand in a woman’s purse while her cell phone went off, lighting up the room and exposing his fraud. She chased him down the street and onlookers called the police. A short time later the con man was captured and sent to jail.

This is my first post to medium.com, and I must admit I enjoy the interface and the concept of writing and improving together. I hope people enjoy my story. Especially the last part, which really ties it together.

Three weeks after his capture, the con man vanished from his jail cell. No one knows how he did it, but there was no trace of him. Out of an abundance of caution, the police put out a press release which was circulated to all of the news stations and papers in the area:

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