Life is hard, but do not give up

I like to consider myself a happy person. A girl who is constantly laughing and smiling around. Nevertheless, last year I got hit by the saddest news of my life: my godfather was not among us anymore. He was incredibly good to me, a father and a friend. Whenever I had doubts of what to do or which career I should follow, he was there. Always to tell me everything was going to be fine and that whatever my choice would be, he would support me in every way possible. And, guys, he did! When I told him I wanted to study History, he smiled, while I got some different reactions from the others. 
Now, I am sure he is in Heaven and looking proudly at me. I changed my mind about History, and started Nutrition instead. However, deep down I know he will support me through this path, as he always did.
Life has not been easy since then, but here I am, still smiling. And why? Because I know the storm will pass and that he will be forever in my heart. And most important of all, remember the lessons he have given me. About hope, love, courage and kindness. The best person I have known is now an inspiration to share the most beautiful thoughts and actions. With that, I say: let us spread goodness! Life is hard, but do not give up.
Thank you for reading,
Larissa M.
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