How we redesigned our first-time developer experience in a week and boosted new account activation by 65%

User research doesn’t need to be a headache. It doesn’t need to be expensive, or time-consuming, or complicated. But it certainly feels that way sometimes, especially with deadlines, competing priorities, or a healthy fear of stasis.

“It sounds great, but we have way too much on our plate to spend…

Build your own cohort analysis tools, with total control over the logic, look, and feel.

Open Source Code for Cohort Analysis Views

Today we’re releasing a new open source tool for cohort analysis. Cohort analysis is incredibly valuable when you’re trying to understand retention and patterns of behavior over time. If you’re not familiar with retention analysis by cohort, you can read more about the fundamental concepts here.

Outside of the obvious…

Last summer I kicked off a new project called IDEAVIS, a visualization tool built for design researchers and ethnographers. My intention was to scratch a personal itch, mentioned in several previous posts about idea visualization.

Creating relational maps and models can be quite an ordeal with static vector editors like Illustrator, where every little tweak or adjustment means refactoring dozens or hundreds of shapes and path endpoints. The digital rendering process also doesn’t really lend itself to open collaboration… someone inevitably becomes the document owner and surrogate pixel-pusher for the rest of the team.

Enter IDEAVIS: the goal is to make rich qualitative modeling lightning fast, intuitive and collaborative. There’s still plenty of work to do and the overall site design is very crude, but create an account, kick up a new canvas, and take it for a spin!

Dustin Larimer

I help teams bring new ideas to life. Product designer, engineer, and cape maker extraordinaire.

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