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Transurfing is a way of shaping your individual reality according to your desires and tastes.

What is individual reality? Are we not living in an objective world where reality exists, one and for all, independently of our desires and tastes?


But is this objective reality REALLY same for everyone?

Well, you know, some are luckier than others…

Transurfing is a recipe for luck.

Everyone lives in their own separate layer of our collective reality.

Transurfing does not change our common, collective, objective reality.

It only re-configures your personal layer, your world, that exists within the collective whole.

Members of the same household frequently live in totally different individual realities. …


Larisa Zeland

I come from St. Petersburg in Russia, and I have completely transurfed across several life lines. Fascinated by all the opportunities we get when open to them.

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