#WomenNCareer Tip: Learn to create your own opportunities

Figuring out what I wanted to do in my professional life has been one of the most daunting tasks of self-exploration I have experienced since completing my university education in Ghana.

I struggled finding opportunities related to my field of study. And boy, were they limited!

I also came to the realization that Ghana’s education system is not fit for purpose. Why?

In my opinion, our education system is far too focused on academia, grades, degrees and classes, leaving little room for creativity and career counsel on developing a sense of direction and employable skill sets.

Long story put short, it took a lot of courage, self-learning and making mistakes (and learning from those mistakes) for me to figure out and work towards career options that interested me.

Sometimes you just need to create your own opportunities.

Interviewed by Jane Egerton-Idehen, 
Key Account Manager at Ericsson Ghana & Liberia for Women and Career.

Learn more about Ghana’s education system here.

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