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(Photo: Brigitte Tohm)

Certain dental surgeries like tooth extractions and implants require you to be on a no chew diet afterwards for 3 weeks to help the tissues and bone heal. This can be daunting, I know. I’m in my second-ever no-chew diet after a dental surgery and this time I decided to track and write about my approach to eating is case it may be of help to you.

Because these surgeries are costly (several thousand dollars each), because I’m committed to my long-term health, and because I like to cook, I choose to invest the time toward successful healing when I’m in the thick of it. …

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Photo: Johannes Plenio

Individually, we each long to create a life that brings us into ever more wholeness. As lovers and families, we aim to love each other fully and create possibilities beyond what we’ve known. As teams and organizations, we want to birth impactful new collaborations, structures, and products that are inevitably further than what we’ve experienced. Collectively, millions of us around the world wish to change our social patterns and ecological trajectory toward a future of freedom and flourishing for all life on Earth.

Navigating unmarked territory to find our way through the mystery is an inherent drive in the human spirit.

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These years since I stood up suddenly, blacked out, and fell off a waterfall on Jan 10, 2011 have been a journey I could have never imagined. One that I’m forever grateful for because I grew into a greater version of myself—more alive, more true, more loving, more joyful, and more powerful. But, oh lordy, what it took to get here….

Despite the countless times since falling that I wanted to will it and declare the end of my healing—since I no longer wanted to be in pain nor the stark immersion of the mystery—I learned the unfolding of my healing and life depends more on focused receptivity than will alone. …


Larissa Conte

Wayfinding, systems healer, ceremony designer, rites of passage guide, alchemical leadership

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