Blog Post #4

How are you supposed to be creative when you don’t know where to start?I’ll tell you what I do — you get inspired. How? By looking at other peoples’ work. When I want to handletter but I don’t know what to draw or if I have a rough idea but I don’t know where to start I will go seach out inspiration. I pull out my phone (which is most likely in my hands already) and head straight to pinterest. I search “handlettering” or just look at my art board and go through pictures and pictures of designs to get ideas and my creative juices flowing. Other ideas come to mind and I like to mix together some of my ideas and other ideas I see and make it “original” all over again. Isn’t that what every artist does? They mix a bunch of ideas together with their own.

I can apply that with filmmaking as well. I can look at other short films and it will give me ideas whether I’m looking for ideas or not. I saw a short film today that was so simple and it gave me a profound understanding, it doesn’t have to take a lot of skill or experience to produce something great — as long as you have a great story line. Which producing a story line is something more difficult for me, but I can still get inspiration by reading other stories. In my opinion, this is a great place to be in, not being overwhelmed by what you can or cannot do and just do it the way you know how not neglecting inspiration which is literally at your fingertips.

Paperman by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures