Sometimes I get frustrated when my washing doesn’t dry in the winter. I watch the forecast to try and predict the fine days, the fine hours. But even then I get home from work and it’s after dark and it’s damp, too damp to hang up my clothes inside the house - they only moisten up the books and the furnishings. Then at some point I realised; when my clothing gets rained on and eventually dries (and given time it always dries), it smells so, so wonderful.

Like no human-made wash cycle could ever produce, water comes straight down from the sky and soaks up the fabric. Then the crisp, fresh air and wind evaporates that water and leaves behind the incredible, comforting scent of nature. If I'm lucky enough, the Southerly breeze sweeps up from Island Bay and carries with it the salty sea air that permeates through the fibres until my clothing smells like the ocean. My clothing smells like the ocean.