The Time of War: A War with Time

We are living in a world where most countries have already been established for years. Ranging from at least two decades, up to over two centuries. Though, I can’t say the same for certain places that are being fought over at this very minute aka Tuesday, July 18th 2017, 5:43 PM Indonesia Western Time.

So, that being said, we obviously have very different priorities and responsibilities now than we do long before when it was still the time of wars, as I like to call it. But, what I realize is that it turns out, that time of war still hasn’t passed. There’s a possibility it may never will.

True, we are not engaging in the sort of war that requires heavy fire, nuclear, and political strategics (Not on the daily, I suppose). But we are at a war with something that has no physical form, yet it controls almost all of our actions: time.

Time is the reason for nearly everything now. It’s very complex. People will say they hate time for how it is “too long” or “too short”. Yet, we can’t help that we need it, so we long for it and pray for it, spend our money for it. (Now, money, that’s another topic for another day.) So, why are we at war with something we hold so dear?

Because time keeps moving and it never will stop. Until doomsday. At least that’s what I believe. It’s open for your interpretation. Anyways, because of time’s endless mobility, we would start to feel like we are being chased. So, the obvious reaction would be is that we proceed to do things that we would like to accomplish in our lives before time catches up. But the irony is, a lot of the time, we take it for granted. We don’t use it well. Time can easily slip off of our minds and yet it is one of the most valuable things any person can have.

The earth and space and land and sea and sky and each of us humans with each of our causes for each of our lives which can last for different amount of times… they are all bound by the same complexity that is time.

Everything lasts. Until time is up. Except God, but that’s also up to your interpretation.

Wait, then, is there a possibility that we can win this war?

Well, it depends on what you do with your time, right? What you have achieved for yourself and for the people in your life. Too bad we can’t ask anyone what it feels like to win or lose in their wars against time. Because anyone who has ever done either that, are gone forever. Until the afterlife. Again, my beliefs only. Up for interpretation.