Why I Stand
Tyler Eifert

This is the view from a conservative white guy, Trump supporter. Hopefully my post will not elicit hate, just show where people like me are coming from and why we think Kaepernick & other player’s protests are inappropriate and offensive.

  • No matter what social problems or inequalities exist, non-whites and whites have it better in 2017 America than any other people anytime, anywhere. In terms of personal rights, standard of living, economic opportunity, and almost any other measure.
  • We see the issue of Police brutality / mistreatment against African-Americans as either a) a very limited, specific, isolated issue which is not symptomatic of any pattern and certainly does NOT warrant disrespecting America / the American flag as a whole, or b) a totally non-existent, manufactured, false, “weaponized victimized” issue which is only wielded by the Left as a means to keep non-whites in a perpetual state of agitation and dividedness from the rest of the country — for political gain. The statistics show that a GIGANTIC majority of black Americans are murdered by OTHER black americans, and that police do NOT AT ALL shoot or harass nonwhites at any greater rate than they do whites. So we see this whole thing as a stunt and lie to make trouble
  • People like Kaepernick, Bennett, and other African American athletes make more money in a year than many of us will ever see in a lifetime, and they make it playing a game. They’re lucky and blessed to have these skills and leagues that will pay them millions to throw a ball around. So we think that any non-white’s attitude should be more like, “wow, thank goodness for this amazing country that gives me and others this opportunity! And all respect to the symbols of this nation that supports these positive ideals” — what Kaep & others are doing now is seen as blatant lack of appreciation, respect, and biting the hand that feeds them.
  • If African Americans really cared about other African Americans, why not for example start with Chicago? Something like 30–50 people a weekend are shot here. The # of Blacks killed/hurt by other blacks is about 100x the rate at which police kill blacks. Why not start tackling the HUGE and OBVIOUS component of the problem first instead of putting all attention on this minuscule and very questionable part of the problem?

Thanks for listening. I am short, overweight, not good looking, not rich, and have no special advantages in life, but thank heavens every day i live in the greatest time/place ever — 21st Century America, where even the least advantages of us have it better than anyone else.

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