I don’t know what to say. I’m devastated. On February 05, 2020 we set off on our world trip and almost a month later we are sitting at the airport heading for home.

Last night… 7:30 pm — the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, of South Africa speaks to the people and inhabitants. …

I’ve been on LinkedIn for more than three years now but been using it consistently since a couple of months. From all social media platforms, I find LinkedIn to be the most honest, transparent and life-changing of all. Here on LinkedIn are real people with real profiles. You can’t hide behind pictures, videos, fake nicknames etc. It’s just your profile and your interaction with real people.

For me LinkedIn was the way to connect to old friends I haven’t seen in years but also new connections which turned into great friendships.

While being on LinkedIn I realised that really great and read-worthy content is all in English. I love English, I love to talk, read and watch movies in English but I saw some comments on those English posts with statements like “why English, write german..” or “not everybody speaks English, please language XYZ…” and so on. For one moment I thought: “Yes, you might be right.” …

This week I went for a walk with Calvin Miguel (my Co-Founder of our first startup ipaster.com, which we sold in the beginning of the year) and we talked about the “startup madness” we recognise online.

Since we’re both very interested in startups, we follow related trends we see online, and a question came to our mind.

What happened to the “entrepreneur”?

Funny, in the same week I saw the tweet of Sahil Lavingia, which was exactly what we were talking about:

“There are plenty of famous, successful founders who:
— Raised money that made them rich on paper
— Used their disposable income and accredited status to invest in their friends’ startups
— Became multi-millionaires from those returns
— Got nothing from their own…


Larklind Cerkezi

hi, my name is Lark. I love travel and I love tech. Just writing about both. Follow me and feel free to add me on LinkedIn.

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