Colorado is a beautiful place. I've only been there 2 times and both times I was helping people move there. I am going there for the 3rd time soon… to help my son move there. lol. I work for a company based in Aurora Colorado, Custom Mortgage Solutions. I also work with a Colorado Real Estate Company called Colorado Flat Fee Realty, They have been helping people with homes for many years. They can help you save thousands in commissions when you buy or sell.
Colorado’s home prices are almost as high as in some areas of California. Although the further you get from the large cities the lower the cost of housing. There are many wonderful, inexpensive cities to live in. The best thing is to go on vacation there to see if you will like it. Its best to also see Colorado in the winter, you may not like the cold. Either way, there are tons of things to do. Denver has a great microbrewing community with great food options. Have fun and enjoy Colorado.

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