Forget Automakers or Ride-Sharing Companies; A Startup Will Be The One To Bring Us Driverless Taxis…

Shahin, Interesting premise, although I foresee a different future. While I would agree that startups will operate on the bleeding edge of advancement, they do not have the massive funds necessary to be major players in mass transportation, and will be acquired as needed. You might think, “Well what about UBER?” In the future I envision, cars become a commoditized product, where the wealthiest 10% own private luxury vehicles, and everyone else uses shared public vehicles, as cost/benefit hugely dissuades private ownership. In this scenario, full control moves to the automakers, as they produce completely identical cars as they drive to their city of operation and begin making money for the automaker. Why would the automakers even consider selling cars to any other businesses when they control the whole product chain? Bye, bye UBER! Unless of course, UBER buys one or more of them before it burns up its billions! :)