The Blind Hatred Of Hillary Clinton
Ahmed Baba

I see this article as cheerleading. I enthusiastically supported Clinton, even in the primary but unlike you, I empathize with a gut level feeling that makes me not trust her. Even now, her comments demonstrate a contempt for progressive values. The”pony analogy” and many other of her comments demonstrate to me that she is perpetuating a light version of the right wing narrative about “wanting free stuff”. I have seen her say “I take full responsibility” on several occasions but never having specified what she takes responsibility for and never without immediately launching into a litany of excuses passing the buck to others. It is not James Comey’s fault that she hired Robbie Mook who had no national experience. I suspect hiring an openly gay campaign manager was a cynical pre-emptive strike at those she knew would cite her previous statement “that marriage is only between a man and a woman”. Everyone with an IQ over 14 knows that many charges were fabricated, Benghazi, the Uranium deal, The Clinton Foundation, money disappearing from the State Dept etc etc etc. Nonetheless, she chose not to rebut these falsehoods and while she saw this as “rising above the fray” the American public saw it as either an arrogance or an admission of guilt. Her admirers tend to exaggerate the role of misogyny in her defeat when considering her loss among white woman but we do not hear much about Bill Clinton having been at the very least a chronic womanizer if not a sexual predator depending on you ask, but there is no question that he was banging Jennifer Flowers who Hillary hired a P.I. to dig up dirt on and smear. Put that together with calling Monica Lewinsky a “loony narcissist” and some of her other derogatory comments about her husband's conquests and all of a sudden you have “reverse misogyny”, woman who thought she was putting her blind political ambition before her support of women in general. Put Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar or a great many other female candidates in her place and you will quantify what really was, and really wasn’t misogyny. It is an odd dynamic to be sure but while she is one of the most admired she is also one of the least trusted and I understand the basis for it.

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