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Oh, so we have to approve of homosexual behavior because “they’re born that way”? Then why don’t we approve to schizophrenia, or OCD, or autism, or addictive tendencies? All those are things people are born with, yet we treat them as illnesses, rather than celebrate them and demand that government force the rest of society — the other 99% — to approve of them.

Truth is, homosexuality is an illness. It is a psyche at war with its own body. There is a schism between soul (psyche) and body, which is not only an illness, but is a foreshadowing of death. So once again, liberals are forcing everyone to celebrate a culture of death.

Homosexual “unions” cannot be consummated, cannot produce complementarity, and cannot perpetuate the human race. Therefore to call them by the same term as heterosexual unions is ridiculous, because the two phenomena are not the same thing.

All this is really simply the attempt of the Left to intolerantly force its untruthful, lying agenda upon all of society, because they cannot bear the fact that God and those who wish to follow God deem homosexual behavior to be wrong. They even want to call that discrimination. Apparently it is now “discrimination” simply to discriminate between right and wrong. That is relativism on steroids.

Liberalism is, at root, the ideology of the Devil, because nothing makes the devil happier than humans who deny the very reality of original sin and of right and wrong.

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