Yes, our military always wins.

That is simply made up on your part to suggest that drones are so inaccurate that they kill everything within a couple of blocks. The explosive force of a missile can easily be determined within design. If that is the objective of the missile; to take out a couple of blocks, then yes but do not try feeding me with that line of bull that they can not be more accurate than that.

You also have no idea of my position on guns or my knowledge on their historical context yet, like so many of those from the right of the issue, you have no problem showing your utter disrespect to anyone else’s opinion by childish name-calling.

First, I have no problem with gun-ownership for those who feel the need to protect their home from intruders or who simply enjoy the sport of hunting. In my first comment, I simply pointed out the stupidity of anyone thinking they could protect themselves from the government by arming themselves with weapons available on the open market.

However, I am well aware of the statistics of gun violence in this country compared to other nations, which well shows that guns contribute heavily to the death of innocent children and other innocent civilians, thanks to the gun lobby’s effort to block gun safety measures, such as smart guns and the need for heavily enforced background checks.

I simply advocate for strong regulation that will protect the innocent from gun manufacturers’ greedy ambitions to sell more guns to the public by stirring up unwarranted fear of the government, etc. I am also well-informed of the lies told by the gun lobby to keep any decent legislation from coming to fruition.

I am also part of a large majority of Americans — you know, us who are ignorant and obtuse beneath your great wealth of of intelligence — if I may speak sarcastically for a moment, that simply want background checks on all gun purchases in this nation. That may not stop all the gun violence but if it can save one innocent child or one innocent person from the unfettered and unregulated hands of so-called law-abiding citizens who very well may go on a rampage after a few drinks, then I’m all for it. Perhaps in the meantime you may have been able to think up more names to place on folks like me from that greater majority.

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