Multiversum team comes home from Dubai galvanized by Future Blockchain summit.

Our team just came back from a blazing expo in Dubai. They are exausthed, since they had to cope with swarms of investors and crypto enthusiasts: Multiversum’ stand was the only one crowded even one hour after the official closing of the expo.

Several large cap deals were carried out with local investors, an the general enthusiasm galvanized the squad. Now our team is even stronger, fitter and loaded with motivation.

Andrea Taini, Multiversum Visioner and CTO thanks NEM team for their support and the profitable discussions about common interests.

Andrea Taini gave a brief speech wich literally abducted the audience, that called Multiversum “The Gamechanger of blockchain technology”. This is precisely what we are, The Gamechanger, the Fourth Generation Blockchain.

As if this incredible feedback was not enough, the expo brought us investors that gave a huge boost to our fundraise, bringing us to a remarkable $7'000'000 in less than three days.

While the community is amazed by the lightning speed of our test app, the devs keep coding their way through, the growth of our project is way far beyond expectations, and team Multiversum is as enthusisast and proud as toughly challenged by the hard work ahead. $7'000'000 were raised, more $28'000'000 to go!

Multiversum, here to stay.




Multiversum Blockchain Communication Designer

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