Candidates Beware — Avoid your “Dukakis” Moment

Remember the 1988 campaign when presidential candidate Michael Dukakis rode in the tank?

Being compared to Rocky the Flying Squirrel (on the popular Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series) pretty much “tanked” the presidential ambitions of Michael Dukakis. After this unfortunate moment, George H. W. Bush went on to a relatively easy victory.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst looks good on a motorcycle. She castrated hogs and promised to cut the pork in Washington DC — a tough, no nonsense, message and image matched with the Harley Davidson motorcycle she rides.

Rick Perry also looks good on a Harley.

Scott Walker — not so much.

Scott Walker should probably avoid motorcycles from now on. He doesn’t have the look, and comes dangerously close to his “Dukakis” moment with this pic.

Joni Ernst offered Senator Marco Rubio a ride on the back of her Harley. Marco wisely declined. Maybe he realized it wouldn’t look good for a presidential candidate to be riding bitch on Joni the Castrator’s Harley. It just wouldn’t be good for the image.

Remember Edmund Muskie when he was photographed crying prior to to the 1972 New Hampshire primary? Was it snow on his face or tears? It didn’t matter. Presidential candidate Ed Muskie was sunk and George McGovern went on to win the Democratic nomination.

I have some concern about Rand Paul’s hair. I don’t really know if he wears a toupee, however I have my suspicions. If so, my advice to Rand is keep that sucker glued in place with some heavy duty theatrical spirit gum. You really don’t want that thing coming lose at an inopportune moment.

Donald Trump withstood such an occurrence, but then again, he is Donald Trump. Senator Paul, won’t survive such a slip — detachment — or whatever.

I’ve never seen Rand Paul on a motorcycle. I don’t think he’d look good on a Harley. But that’s just my personal opinion. More unsolicited advice: Senator Paul, in order to avoid your “Dukakis” moment, don’t ride a Harley. However if you do, make absolutely sure you wear a helmet.

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