Do We Wear Red Coats and March in a Straight Line?

Since 1776 we have mocked the traditional British military approach (at the time) to waging war. We have taken great pride over the years since — describing our American ancestor’s clever adaption to a more flexible, guerrilla type response to a slogging, unimaginative British army.
George Washington’s brilliant use of strategic retreat allowed our fledgling army to gain time, outlast the enemy — all in order to gain ultimate victory.

Today, there is a new wartime theater — the internet — that is cleverly being exploited by the enemy. Unfortunately this new theater of war is being ignored by our side.
Today, “we” are now the bloated, unimaginative army — akin to our British foe of yesteryear. As the #1 world power today, like it or not, we must recognize today’s realities, think outside the box, and begin to fight back more cleverly, more efficiently and more effectively.

British at Breed’s Hill 1775
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