Trump Set To Pardon A Man Who Should Be Serving A Life Sentence For Entrapment
Caitlin Johnstone

As a resident of Maricopa county, since 1985, I would say that most people would disagree with your article. They voted to keep him in office for 27 years. He managed a budget of just under $1 billion. He had hundreds of volunteers making voluntary posse patrols. He enforced Federal Immigration Law while Border Agents were informed to stand down. There are many more accomplishments and some failures. He has always put himself in the media, good or bad.

My first memory of noticing Sheriff Joe was when he gave an award to an elderly woman who exercised her God given second amendment right by emptying her pistol on a burglar who broke into her house off Cave Creek Road. The individual, armed with a sharpened screwdriver, entered her bedroom and met his end. The family of the Hispanic juvenile tried to bring a case against the woman but the County attorney would not hear it. The lesson was guns protect peoples lives and property immediately, not having to wait for minutes on police to show up.

Sheriff Joe lost the his seat when his opponent’s campaign was given millions of dollars by the George Soros organizations in the last weeks of the election. Pressure from the feds on questionable charges and outsiders brought down Arapio. It is similar to the situation in D.C. where media elites and the former administration are trying to unseat President Trump.

The MSM is not exercising the First Amendment, but operating in propaganda, after the repeal of the Smih-Mundt Act.

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