Larry the fact that SHE is a college professor and indeed intelligent and all THAT must REALLY…
Grace Tiscareno-Sato

Ahh there we have it, the defacto you are sexist if you don’t agree with “her” post. I love the fact that we don’t have to listen to that line of nonsense now that Hillary is GONE. In case you missed it, the fact that she started out her response with “I’m a college professor”, says all we need to know about her. Which is that she is a self centered conceited and pompous ASS who thinks her words and opinion hold more meaning than anyone elses. Why else would her employment status have ANY bearing to this conversation? So why would ANYONE be jealous of THAT? I’m college educated and don’t have to steer the conversation toward my profession, my gender, my race, or my sexual preferences in order to try and force you to justify my opinion as more valuable than yours. So THAT is how that works. Shove your feminist nazi attitude up your ass. No one had anything bad to say about women. You are a shining example as to why Hillary lost miserably and the demon cratic party will continue to lose as they try and force their “we are better than you and you will eat what we choose to feed you even if we have to force it down your throat” attitudes.

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