Number one, the press is free.
Jim Abraham

Don’t hide behind “free press” like its a license to steal. You shouldn’t be allowed to be bought and paid for and write your hit pieces based on the highest bidder. But go right ahead, because you as the press are the ones who will suffer. The people will not stand for it any longer.

While we are at it, lets talk about demanding someones tax returns. There is no law anyone has to do it. Its tradition and nothing more. Having someones tax returns will show you NOTHING. The press simply wanted it to run their misinformation campaign on it, because they know 90% of the viewing public will have no clue what any of it means, and they can make it mean what ever they want. Trump isn’t a professional politician, so he hasn’t spent decades preparing his tax returns for public consumption, just like he hasn’t spent decades having speech writers making sure everything he says is double talk and can’t be manipulated by anyone. There was no exception being made, because there is no requirement to have presidents give their tax returns. Apparently no one in your liberal circle explained that to you.

He never said he was forbidden, he said he wasn’t giving them up because of the audit. Irregardless, I’ve never looked at one candidates tax returns, as I could care less about their taxes. Politicians use them as some sort of validation of being a good person, and they know full well everyone will be looking, so they prepare them as such. You are seeing nothing more than what they want you to see. If the IRS doesn’t have a problem with Trumps taxes, then why do I? I mean look at what they did when they looked at an old return and started telling everyone that he hadn’t paid taxes in years. Everyone freaked out like it was some big deal. He did exactly what the federal government and the tax laws ALLOWED. Nothing was illegal, and nothing was unethical. He did what any sane human being would do.

The media doesn’t want to investigate, they want to spread rumors and what if’s. You might want to stop babbling on about Trump being above the law, because he isn’t and nothing he has done exhibits that, so you are only making yourself sound ridiculous.

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