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I am retired military which is why I have a high and tight, of course I understand that things like that do not compute in your little fantasy world. I have spent the majority of MY adult life coexisting with people from all over the country of all races and genders and never had an issue. But in YOUR world, I am a racist self entitled and privileged person all because I am white.

What you and those like you seem to have failed to realize, is that the roles have reversed. Now it seems YOU are the ones judging people based on the color of their skin. You have every right and entitlement that every other person in this country has, all you have to do is go get it. But instead you are lazy and or have failed at one thing or another, so your ready made excuse is, well its because of white privilege and racism. Sorry, but that isn’t reality in MOST cases. The laws of our society are far different than the ones you have read about and are trying to pretend are holding you back now.

Also, If you can’t figure out what perpetual and existence mean, for god sake, google it. In the sentence it was used in, it was meant to elude to you forever living in a reality you have formed for yourself, because that’s what makes you comfortable. Living in reality where you have to own up to your own shortcomings and accept some responsibility for your own actions, isn’t something you are willing or capable of doing. In other words, you are perpetually existing in your own reality.

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