I confirmed nothing.
Black Bolshevik

Why would Saudi Arabia be on the list? you see, this is why no one listens to you idiots. You think just because a terrorist USED to live in Saudi Arabia that they should be put on a watch list over countries where these people LIVE and TRAIN and are PROTECTED? What is wrong with you? Have you ever been to Saudi Arabia? No don’t bother, I know you haven’t. They don’t tolerate terrorism. THAT is why they aren’t on the list. They also have a police force and an intelligence agency that cooperate with our own. That doesn’t exist in Syria. Do you not get that?

Lets be clear, you have no idea what sort of vetting goes on. None at all. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to explain to you that Syria and countries like them on the list do not have a system in place to properly vet anyone coming from there. How could you possibly be this clueless about the process if you are so adamant about having people come here? What is wrong with you? I served for 20 because I care about my country. I served to protect it against lunatics like yourself. Remember the line foreign and domestic. Guess where you fall in at?

Income equality? Are you serious? What evidence do you have? No one I know between the ages of 18–34 live with their parents unless they CHOOSE to do so. What you think I don’t live here in the same country? I’m too stupid to look outside? Please, don’t bother going on, because you have proven to be a moron. With all this going on in America, why would anyone want to come here? Why would you want MORE people here. Why don’t you use your brilliant knowledge to explain why these refugees do not go to any of the surrounding Muslim countries, like say Saudi Arabia? Do you have a clue? Did you know Obama the idiot agreed to take some Syrian refugees from Australia in trade for some of our non threatening refugees. Australia won’t even let them on the mainland. The reality is that you are an idiot and from the sounds of it a closet racist to boot. Please, go to Syria and give them the helping hand they need. Its sounds like you need a good dose of reality.