Wow. “Fake, fake and fake — it’s all fake” That’s your counterargument? Stupid arrives on Medium.

“Wow. “Fake, fake and fake — it’s all fake” That’s your counterargument?”

Yeah, how else are we suppose to respond to gems like “He raped a 13 year old, over a decade ago. No one will back the story up, she won’t reveal her name or any details of the event, and has already had the case dismissed once by a judge for lack of evidence, but yeah, lets pretend like it happened.”

“Do YOU get to decide what criminal allegations do and don’t have credibility more so than the FBI, the Congress and the courts?”

Yes I do. I am a voter, and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then guess what? We have 3 decades of examples of this woman and the Clinton crime family, trying to answer questions for their actions. It always end up the same way. Plausible deniability and a lack of direct links or anyone willing to testify against them, because they usually end up dead. As an American citizen who served over two decades in the military and as somehow who has held the highest clearance available, I can form my own opinion. Shocking I know. You see, the FBI doesn’t have to prosecute her for me to know that she got a free pass on violating federal law because of who she is.

“ Your rantings are nothing more than conjecture.”

Have you bothered to read any of your own postings? Seriously? You have the nerve to use the word hypocrisy? Oh wait, your are a “college professor”, as you pointed out in your very first sentence, therefore you know better. Your opinions are far more worthy than the average citizen…… right?

“ You know of course that he’s now filled his cabinet with billionaires and establishment figures”

Yeah, we get to read the whining and crying every day about how his picks for Treasury Secretary and Department of Commerce are rich, successful people. You know, because why wouldn’t he hire a local grocery bag clerk to fill these positions? Have any of you people ever considered what requirements one should have to fill one of these positions? Clearly not.

“ His Chief Strategist is a self-avowed White Supremacist.”

Uh huh. Why because YOU say so? Kind of like how the city of Ferguson was racist because a white cop shot a thug who had just robbed a store and tried to take the officers gun? Or is it he is a white supremacist for not properly feeling guilty enough for being white? 8 years of being called a racist for not liking obama was enough. Move on.

“ His new NSA head is an openly pro-torture Islamaphobe.”

Ahh, more made up words by the liberal gutter trash of the world. Sorry, we aren’t playing your game anymore. You aren’t qualified to discuss these issues because your sheltered life. We aren’t afraid of Islam, or homosexuals, or transgenders, or any of the other made up “phobes” YOUR ilk likes to babble on about, we simply do not feel the need to cater to these things or to be ruled by fear. Just because you choose to stick your head in the sand doesn’t mean we are going to follow suit.

“ You and your Alt-Reich pals went and handed the nuclear codes to an infantile, vindictive narcissist, who is, as we speak, filling his staff and cabinet with some of the very kinds of people he said he was going to “drain from the swamp.” “

Lets be honest, it doesn’t matter who he would have picked, we would still be having this same conversation. Now we are back to the nuclear codes babble? Talk about infantile. We literally saved this country from the most corrupted career criminal politician this country has ever seen. She was un-electable and even the dems know it, but they had no choice. So stop pretending like she was some God sent candidate. She was deemed the least flawed of the two by the democratic party and they were hoping to pass off the turd sandwich as someone you could trust, unfortunately we have 3 decades of evidence to prove she is a train wreck. She is incompetent, a liar, a thief, and a murderer either by negligence or absolute stupidity.

“ He hasn’t even arrived in the White House, and apparently doesn’t even want to — he wants to stay in one of his garish, billion-dollar hotels instead.”

You do understand that he isn’t even president yet right? Of course you don’t, never mind “college professor”.

“ how’s that going to work for running the country, and by the way, who’s paying for that, along with the multi-state victory tour he’s already scheduled to take (what?)”

Paying for what? Him staying in his own hotel as president elect? Please go educate yourself and stop making a fool out of yourself.

“Got an answer? He hasn’t even arrived in the White House, and already has gone back on multiple campaign promises. How’s that sitting with you?”

Sitting pretty good, and yes, the answer is, HE ISN’T THE PRESIDENT YET. We don’t have the lying corrupted criminal Hillary in the 
White House and that’s a very important fact to consider. We don’t have to be labeled sexist for simply disagreeing with her for the next 4 years. We don’t have to deal with 4 years of investigations into her criminal activity. We don’t have to watch her secret service carry her limp lifeless body off every time she has a seizure, we don’t have to deal with 4 more years of Obama and his agenda for the world.

Oh and by the way, what campaign promises are you talking about. Again, he isn’t even president yet, Obama is. Obama, who is still capable of preventing things from happening if he thinks he can throw a wrench into the works, is still the president. Are you afraid he isn’t going to build a wall? No its coming. Are you afraid Hillary isn’t going to go to jail or have more investigations into her criminal activity? No, its coming. Are you afraid he isn’t going to get rid of criminal illegal immigrants? No its coming. Ooops, I said “illegal” immigrant. Sorry if that stings. Are you afraid he isn’t going to save American jobs and rework unfair trade deals to benefit OUR country? No, its coming. He has already saved over 1000 jobs with Carrier. Something that was NEVER going to happen under Hillary or Obama. You might want to get used to things getting better “college professor”, because IT’S COMING. Get ready to crawl into your safe space.