There were plenty of lines where I wondered if I should keep reading because you are dramatic and…
Sword of the Morning

You didn’t recite anything but more babble. Just listening to your nonsense makes me sick to my stomach honestly. Its like debating with a child. Do you want me to respond to your ridiculous links? Yeah ok. You linked to a site which states that some people make more money than other people………………………………………………, ummm, ok. So maybe the rich people need to start handing out buckets of cash to make you feel better? The good thing about America is that you can be ANYTHING you want. No one is oppressed. This is 2017. We just got finished with 8 years of a black president, and the only thing we got for it was more racist black people wanting to attack the police for doing their job. The only reason we don’t have a woman president now is because the woman you chose just so happened to be the most corrupt criminal politician in our nations history. A woman that belongs in jail and had more flaws as a career politician than the media could find on a man who never spent a day in politics. Oh sure they spent a year straight berating his every unpolished word, but it wasn’t enough because you bleeding heart liberals are just TOO NAUSEATING. If you want to make more money, GO TO SCHOOL. Its probably free for you. It was for me. Do you know why? Because I made those life choices and made those sacrifices to better myself. No one takes you seriously because you do nothing by cry and whine about how you aren’t GIVEN enough. That is NOT what America is.

Although I am confused that you cry so much about people living with their parents. I thought you Hillary voters were under the impression that the economy has never been better. We are all suppose to be living on our own cloud. Oh wait, Trump was elected, so that means everything sucks again. Why? because he won’t let poor refugees in from terror supporting countries……… for 90 days.

You don’t know what you want to cry about do you. Is it the refugees? How bad we have it here in America. So much oppression and inequality. The bad man got you down? If only a woman were in charge right? Have you ever been outside of America? Do you have any idea what real oppression is? I have and do, yet I still don’t want our country to be an open door. That is upsetting to you isn’t it?

You see when you ramble on about white guys shooting people and white supremacy….. IN 2017, I can’t take you seriously. You just come off as yet another racist black person who wants to blame everyone but yourself for not being anything but an internet troll. Its out there for you to get. Just go get it. With minority scholarships, affirmative action, government handouts, how can you not succeed? No one has any excuse to still be selling drugs on the corner or doing drive by shootings because someone drove through your “territory” without permission. So please don’t preach to me about pissed off white guys, fox news, and white supremacist. You only make yourself sound foolish.

I will agree with you on education though, if that makes you feel better. Our educational system is atrocious. Which is exactly why our children are home schooled. Who wants common core and transsexuals in their gym locker room for their children? Good luck finding what ever it is that you need to be happy.

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