Dear Black Americans
Queen of Saigon

And there you have it. The completion of the victimization of black people in America. We can now all agree that black people were victimized after the Civil war.

So now that the national conscious understands this, we should go back through history and flog ourselves for each and every instance of oppression. Tear down all references to to history because you are bound to find someone who was offended.

It’s actually been done before. ISIS destroyed the Palmyra temple. Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed 45 million in four years after cleansing the country of religious and historical artifacts. Stalin destroyed art, architecture and religious artifacts to ‘break the chain’ of history, while killing only 20 million people. Stalin’s famous quote ‘a single death is a tragedy a million is a statistic’.

To put it mildly, ‘cleansing’ has historically ended badly. To have conversation and debate is a good thing, erasing not so much.

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